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Important Information

Welcome, we want to make your introduction to the agency as seamless as possible. We are a family business and have relationships that have spanned over 4 decades. Our staff works hard keeping you informed and connected. 

You have been assigned a relational account manager who will work closely on your day to day concerns on your insurance program. Your account manager will reach out to you usually the following week. 

Important numbers for fast service: 

  • Nationwide Service center day-to-day 24/7 live changes 24/7 access…. 877-262-0247 
  • Your Nationwide Online access to see your policies online ... 800-304-1065 option 1 
  • Nationwide claim service ... 800-421-3535 
  • Roadside claims ... 800-421-3535 
  • Smart Ride help ... 855-421-2688 


How it works. The mobile app on your cell phone tracks several criteria such as mileage, idle time, hard braking hard accelerations and night time driving. It can NEVER increase your rates or does it look at speed or where you are going. Nationwide protects your privacy as well. 

Every week you will get an email telling you how your discount is tracking for the next renewal. 

Things to remember: Make sure all family members download the app on their phone. 

How to download the app: 

  • Go to Google play or Apps on the cell phone. 
  • Put in search: nationwide smartride 
  • Then hit GET 
  • Install if prompted 
  • Then scroll through conditions and agreement Hit accept 
  • Then it will ask for your policy number make sure it is the full policy # or email address 

You will get an email at 20 drives or 200 miles whatever comes first just respond. 

Any questions 855-421-2688 Smart Ride Department.